• Master in the Art of Expanding your frequency and Raising your vibration

  • Communication + Connection = Confidence In Relation  

  • Bringer of Ease and Grace for Accepting All That You Are

  • Holding The Pulse of The People.

  • ‘Super-Creative Idea Machine™’  

  • Pick your GO date! 

  • SEGMET®:  The Cosmic Mother – CosmaMomma for short - because of her loving supportive nature 

  • “Child Please!  The Sun Is coming Up in the morning and So Shall We.”  

  • You gotta “G” “O” if you want to “D” “O.” 

  • “What are you doing with your Dimmer switch?  You betta SHINE!” 

  • EXPERIENCE The Magic of SEGMET® – Joy, Connection, and Consciousness. Be Present & Fulfilled! 

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